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Friday 1/10/2010
Last Quarter03.53
Saturday 2/10/2010
  moon into Leo18.22
Sunday 3/10/2010
Monday 4/10/2010
moon into Virgo20.01
Tuesday 5/10/2010
Wednesday 6/10/2010
moon into Libra19.53
Thursday 7/10/2010
New Moon18.46
Friday 8/10/2010
moon into Scorpio19.53
Saturday 9/10/2010
Sunday 10/10/2010
moon into Sagittarius22.10
Monday 11/10/2010
Tuesday 12/10/2010
Wednesday 13/10/2010
moon into Capricorn04.18
Thursday 14/10/2010
First Quarter21.29
Friday 15/10/2010
moon into Aquarius14.25
Saturday 16/10/2010
Sunday 17/10/2010
Monday 18/10/2009   moon into Pisces02.53
Tuesday 19/10/2010
Wednesday 20/10/2010
moon into Aries15.24
Thursday 21/10/2010
Friday 22/10/2010
Saturday 23/10/2010
Full Moon01.38
moon into Taurus02.31 Sun Scorpioenters 12.36 Harvest Moon
Sunday 24/10/2010
Monday 25/10/2010
moon into Gemini11.49
Tuesday 26/10/2010
Wednesday 27/10/2010
moon into Cancer19.15
Thursday 28/10/2010    
Friday 29/10/2010  
Saturday 30/10/2010
Last Quarter12.47
moon into Leo00.40
Sunday 31/10/2010
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First Quarter First Quarter
Full Moon Full Moon
Last Quarter Last Quarter
New Moon New Moon
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Aries Aries
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