The Zodiac signs
Aries Aries
Taurus Taurus
Gemini Gemini
Cancer Cancer
Leo Leo
Virgo Virgo
Libra Libra
Scorpio Scorpio
Saggitarius Saggitarius
Capricorn Capricorn
Aquarius Aquarius
Picses Pisces
The Sun The Sun
New Moon New Moon
First Quarter First Quarter
Full Moon Full Moon
Last Quarter Last Quarter

Time Zones

The moon charts are in GMT which is set as '0' and coloured white below. Depending upon your location you need to add or remove the necessary hours. Visit the links below for more accurate options.

Time Zones

World Time Server - World Time Server provides the most accurate current local times of any world clock on the Internet. It makes real time adjustments for Daylight Saving Time. No matter what time zone a country or city is located in, this site is your best resource for determining any time, anywhere.

The World Clock Time Zones - Time zones